Tips For Making Your Home Improvement Project An Easier One

Home improvement can be a fun and fantastic way to get the most enjoyment out of your house! However, if you don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary, you may end up causing a lot more harm than good. Doing so makes it more likely that you will be satisfied with the results, thereby eliminating … Continue reading “Tips For Making Your Home Improvement Project An Easier One”

Home improvement can be a fun and fantastic way to get the most enjoyment out of your house! However, if you don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary, you may end up causing a lot more harm than good. Doing so makes it more likely that you will be satisfied with the results, thereby eliminating the need for costly changes or replacements. This article is packed with tips to get you to that point!

Consider getting a washer and dryer combo unit if you are limited on space. A combo unit is usually 36 inches wide. It is possible to wash and dry clothes in a combo unit.

Peepholes are a great addition for your exterior doors. Safety first! Never open the door unless you know who is there. You can also put in a peephole, which is very easily accomplished. You just need a drill, a peephole and a bit of time. Along with the added sense of security you’ll gain from this, a peephole also makes the door look more attractive.

Wallpaper is a good alternative if you don’t like paneling or painting. Wallpaper is an attractive look that is fairly inexpensive. Be careful when choosing the paper since some are harder to take off than others, just in case you don’t like it later on.

If you are purchasing a house, make sure to enlist a professional home inspector. This will give you an objective evaluation and allow you to see things from different perspective. Hiring an inspector is a great way to keep arguments about what needs to be fixed to a minimum.

If the face of your home lacks style and character, think about putting in a pergola. This popular garden fixture has become increasingly popular among homeowners for its natural, rich appearance and tendency to create shaded, romantic areas of tranquility. Installing a pergola can be done in a weekend if you have some friends that can help you set it up.

Does your vinyl floor covering have a bubble in it? If so, then pop it! Simply cut a small slit in the bubble to release the air pocket. This will temporarily flatten the bubble. Make sure you add some fresh glue so that your repairs will be held onto the floor. Syringe-based applicators that are already filled with glue do the best job.

Do you like to spend time outdoors, but don’t like the bugs? Consider installing a screened structure to your house. Use this area to provide a general sitting-area for yourself and the guests when the group decides to head outdoors. For even more comfort, add a nice ceiling fan.

Stain your basement floors in order to achieve a more attractive basement. This is more affordable than having to replace them. Adding a stain also makes your floors more durable and keeps them easy to clean. Search for stains that can add some extra shine and luster to your floors. Your floor will look classier than ever.

After a homeowner has successfully completed a few home improvement projects and enjoyed their tangible benefits, confidence grows, which can sometimes encourage more ambitious projects. This is a great thing. With the right motivation and education, a homeowner can tackle any home improvement job that comes his way.Article Source: sunroom Wichita services and enjoy the outdoors all year long.

The Use Of Mood Boards In Interior Design by Halina Sroka

When it comes to redecorating, in today’s market the choice of products, finishes and colours can become overwhelming. Unless you have a clear idea of what kind of look and colour scheme you wish to create it can become difficult to know where to start. The compilation of mood boards can be a valuable tool in assisting in this decision making process for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, mood boards are a cost effective way of playing around with different ideas and colour schemes. They are basically a mini version of the proposed decor scheme

allowing us to see what combinations work best or what our individual preferences are. The most obvious advantage of this is that we can see what the scheme will look like before committing to anything thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

The compilation of the mood board itself can be great fun as it is a creative process in itself and allows us to express our ideas as conservative or wild as they may be. Often when working though the process new ideas arise that we may previously not have thought of helping us to create a finished designer look.

Mood boards by their very nature permit flexibility as they are really intended to help convey a mood or feeling. For example, if you are looking to redecorate your lounge which is intended as a place for relaxation, you may wish to create a board using images of a tropical beach to create that feeling.

Once you have a more concrete idea of which scheme you wish to go with, you may want to go a step further and create a sample board. A sample board will contain images or samples of actual products that you intend to use in the room and therefore will give you a much more realistic idea of what the finished decor will look like. It is also a great way of seeing how all the different features of the room such as wall coverings, flooring, furniture and lighting will work together in reality and if they will fit into the dimensions of the room. After all there is nothing worse than ordering your dream sofa only to find it will not fit.

Halina Sroka is the owner of Anuhya Interior Collection, an on-line boutique specializing in contemporary home accessories and furniture. Uniqueness is at the core of Anuhya and many of our products are one-off pieces appealing to those of you looking for something completely individual and special.

Tips for Graphic Design: Interior Signage Examples

If you are planning to design a new sign concept for a restaurant, office building or educational facility you will definitely want a few graphic design interior signage examples to give you an idea of the best way to use the design, depending on the type of business.

We will explore five different types of businesses and their interior signage examples. Once we understand what type of sign is used, we will know why it was used for a specific effect.

Channel letter signage is widely used in corporate office settings, as well as exterior situations. Channel letters have a bold and pronounced look to them, where they have a habit of catching the attention of any person who happens to be walking by. This mockup sample is using a very feminine sleek font style for a diner inside an office building. This type of design can work in an office setting as well as in a hair salon, which would call for the same type of sleek style and lettering.

Image Credit: Akanbi

Many times in a daycare or other child care facility, interior wall decals or paintings are created by an artist. This example above could be a scene in the interior of a classroom setting. The purpose is to teach the children the different parts of a computer and about friendship. There are other interior signs that can be created similar to this one which may have the name of daycare along with a drawing or diagram of computer parts or happy children learning the alphabet. These type of signs are effective for parents who are scouting a facility to find out what the children will be learning.

Image Credit: Akanbi

If you have ever been to a restaurant or bar and have seen a running ad on a large screen, you have been introduced to LCD advertising. LCD advertising is a form of interior signage that usually involves an LCD screen and a video with a series of still advertising and some live footage. This type of interior signage has become ever popular in bars and restaurant settings.

You have more than likely seen stand up signs in many different formats. They are very useful in hallway entrances or lobbys. They tend to be very bold and at times very engaging. Many bars and restaurants use stand up interior sign cut outs of their menu or even cartoon characters that may attract children to the counter to order.

Most people, whether you drive or catch public transportation, are familiar with interior bus signage. This type of signage is very simplistic and extremely visual. The primary message is in bold print. For example if a model is advertising coffee, a message such as the following may be written, “Coffee is great for stimulating the mind before work.” After that is established then the secondary messages follow in small print, “Available at Sunshine Market”. Most people will probably only read the primary message and that is the part of the sign that will be the most memorable.

These are only a few interior signage design examples where the message is conveyed quite clearly by using a specific font style, color and overall style of composition that speaks to the target audience.

Tips on Modernizing You Interior Design

There’s a lot to be said for modern interior designs and most people have already said it! The descriptions for these designs can range from, soulless to spacey to clinically pristine. Not everyone thinks this way of course, that’s just the school of thought which believes that black on black, or chrome and white color schemes are the devil’s answer to all things interior design.

I have to agree on the fact that the white and chrome color scheme does leave a lot to be desired but there are other, different modern interior designs which can charm quite a few people. For instance some of the modern interior designs have achieved a unique balance between the old and the new, and try to encompass the best of both worlds.

Sometimes they might fall flat on their faces in their efforts to achieve this look, but more often than not they succeed and the outcome is very elegant and glamorous indeed. Just the other day I saw the perfect example of what I’ve been talking about.

Instead of using chrome as if it were about to go out of fashion, this interior designer had only incorporated it in a few key places, thus ensuring that the person entering the room didn’t get an eyeful of chrome first thing. And along with this, wooden butcher’s blocks and granite counters had been complimented with wooden flooring and modern appliances.

The whole look of this kitchen came together beautifully and pleased the eye, and this was, inspite of the deep eye-catching green color that one wall was painted in. It’s this type of modern interior designs that gives hope to the future of interior design, and makes you believe that the old school style of interior designs won’t be left completely in the dust when the time comes for it die a natural death.

However this passing away of the old and tried does not have be a sad occasion. This is because the new interior designer of the future will someday look through the pages of history and maybe bring a few of the trends from our times into the future.

Everything has its time and everything must pave way to the new and untried while the old style fades into the background and becomes a classic look. Just think about it, would you have the old Regency style interior decor in your homes now? So modern interior designs will take over the world sooner or later and we can only sit back and hope that we have changed sufficiently to admire these designs.Article Source: Andersen seeks to provide Home Interior Design Ideas

The Powerful and Versatile Feng Shui Wind Chimes by Jakob Jelling

Feng shui wind chimes are the most versatile corrector, which can be used literally everywhere.

For instance, if you have a ?negative? object behind your window, hanging a chime will fix the energy. If your entrance door is opposite a window, the Chi energy that enters your home will exit through this ?tunnel? instead of passing through your home. If you hang a chime in its way, the Chi will enter the hollow tubes, rise up and scatter throughout your home.

Feng shui wind chimes in combination with other charms enhance the positive effect even greater. These items come in all forms and materials (wood, metal, and plastic), enabling you to choose one of your liking. Following are a few examples of what you can come across, and what each item is meant for:

Bamboo Tubes: According to feng shui, bamboo is a symbol of longevity, career growth, material prosperity, and dignity. It will enhance any area of your home, but the ideal place for it is in the south ? the zone of fame and reputation. You can also place it in the wealth sector ? the southeast, or the family sector ? the east.

Fish: These will bring you good luck and prosperity. It?s exciting to note that the Chinese word ?fish? also means abundance. Hang this item in the southeast of your home.

Angels: If you already have children, this chime can be hung in the nursery ? the angels will decorate it and protect your children from harm. If you want to have children ? place the item in the western part of your home (children and creativity).

Butterfly: In feng shui, butterflies symbolize immortality and rebirth. Butterflies activate romantic relationships, bring happiness to the family and help to make dreams come true. This item can be placed anywhere, but it is best to hang it in the southwest sector (love and marriage).

The Chinese coin: This is the main symbol of wealth and prosperity. Hang it in the southeastern sector (the sector of wealth), and your earnings should start to grow.

Two fish: These will help you strengthen the love and marriage sector (southwest), and bring you prosperity.

Dolphins: These are a symbol of protection. They also symbolize harmony, kindness, peacefulness and timely assistance. Feng shui wind chimes with dolphins will pass the good Chi energy throughout your home and help you avoid any quarrels.

Dragon: Dragons represents strength, wisdom and kindness. It is also believed that the image of a dragon guards the house and expels the evil spirits. It can be placed anywhere.

Stars: Symbolize golden rain. They are excellent for bringing monetary prosperity. It is best to place them in the sector of wealth, the south-east.

Crystals: These generate positive energy and dissipate it throughout the house. They can be placed in any sector of your home that needs to be strengthened.

Pagoda: This amulet will activate the monetary energy in the southeastern sector. Pagoda chimes resemble Chinese temples. Many of such feng shui wind chimes have pendants in the form of the celestial sphere.

Jakob Jelling runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui wind chimes.